- Water Dispenser: 2 sizes model

- Child Lock Safety for hot water tap

- The water temperature of cold tap is 5 degrees and for hot tap is 90 degrees

- Hygienic disposable packaging/gallons

- Each gallon has 12 liters

- Alkaline water  pH 7.7

- The water dispenser rental fee is ¥0.

- The shipping fee is ¥0

- Each gallon cost is ¥ 1.944 (tax included).


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Cosmo Water:  Terms & Conditions

  • The monthly delivery will always be on the same date as the first delivery. The minimum order is 2 gallons per month. The customer can order more gallons and should call at least 5 days in advance. The amount of gallons must be an even number (each box has a set of 2 gallons).
  • The Daibiki (cash on delivery) payment method has a tax of ¥324. The first delivery is free of tax.  
  • The first delivery should be payed by Daibiki (cash on delivery). Succeeding payments can be done either Daibiki or by using a Credit Card.
  • The service has a one year contract. Cancellation of the service before the end of the contract will have a penalty of ¥9,720 and the water dispenser should be returned. 
  • For cancellation of the order before the date of delivery, a penalty of ¥4,500 will be charged.
  • The cost for water dispenser exchange by customer request is ¥5,400.
  • The customer is allowed to suspend the water delivery for only one month. For the second and succeeding months,  a fee of ¥864 will be charged .
  • The charge for returning the water is ¥1,080 per box (set of 2 gallons)
  • The water gallons and the water dispenser will be delivered separately, but on the same day and time frame.
  • If the water was not delivered due to customers in availability, the customer should contact the Sagawa Carrier to re-schedule shipping.
  • The charge for water dispenser damage is ¥49.800 + tax.



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